Get Noticed with an Innovative Presentation

Exhibitions and trade shows are large and crowded affairs. Thousands of people are roaming around a venue while hundreds of companies are showcasing their products or services. After the first ten to twenty companies are viewed, the Exhibition Stands all begin to look the same. There are printed walls, brochure stands, and some type of interactive media in most spaces. The colors and logos are a bit different, but the set ups and styles all appear to be similar. It is easy to be passed over as people are moving along the center of the hall.

That does not help businesses attract new customers, spread their message, or stand out from the competition, which is the point of traveling to the exhibition in the first place. Taking the time and expense to attend exhibitions and trade shows is not worth it, if there is no return on the investment. Businesses that do not experience an increase in customers or revenues after exhibitions need to take a close look at presentation materials. Getting noticed is easier with the help of award-winning Exhibition Stand Designers.

Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stands, combined with essential functional components, can dramatically improve the results of presentations. There are shell scheme designs that are used as satellite exhibitions. They are much less expensive than renting actual store space in a mall or business park. It is this type of exhibition, along with bespoke stands, that are found at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the east end of London. The purpose built space consists of two vast halls that house permanent exhibitions. Hotels, pubs, and restaurants are located in the space as well. A unique stand will draw the attention of countless new customers.


Modular stands can be created to suit any budget. These are lightweight, flexible, and portable so they can be used over and over at different trade shows and exhibitions. Custom built stands created from the ground up are also available. The process begins with the stand design, followed by the building of the stand upon design approval. Project management is included in the services, and exhibition essentials can be added as needed or desired. Furniture, audio and visual equipment, shelving, racks, and even refreshment provisions can be added to the space. Business owners can View our design portfolio to see examples of previously completed stands. Installation is the last step in the process for permanent exhibition stands. Regardless of what type of stand is selected, it will certainly get the business noticed